World Dharma Retreat on Maui

January 24 - 28, 2006

    Exploring our Instinct for Freedom:
     Finding Liberation Through Living,
     Transforming Self, Earth, Consciousness itself.

     What is our instinct for freedom? The natural urge of the heart to 
     know itself and seek liberation from all obstacles, real or imagined. 

     Led by Alan Clements 
     With daily Yoga sessions led by Ateeka

    To be held at a secluded and quiet retreat center  near the town of Haiku 

 Alan Clements writes, "We must evolve a new language of world truths,  a World Dharma that transcends nationalism, religion and all forms of  tribalism. If we can develop courage and self-honesty, we can awaken  to our innate instinct for freedom, blaze our own trails, and devote ourselves to life, not gurus, dogmas, and spiritual propaganda."


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