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HaikuHelen Kritzler is a fixture on Maui. A shaman - a wizard , a truly wise woman she been doing readings for over 30 years- A 4th generation psychic palmist she does both in person and telephone readings .In a quandary about how to proceed at this moment?

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Helen has the capacity to aid and enhance people in a quandary as to how best to proceed with an idea for a business, a book, a product or, in general, a new direction for their talents. I was blown away by her thoughtful examination of my throwaway line at being stuck for inspiration regarding ideas for book three in my trilogy of Cathar novels. Helen Heard, Considered and Responded with such thoughtfulness and enthusiasm that my log-jam was broken and words once again poured forth at my computer. A Wizard, a Sharman, certainly; but a Realist with resources willingly waiting to be tapped by lucky Mauians.
Nita Hughes author of Past Recall: and The Cathar Legacy

I've known Helen for many years. I marvel at her psychic and palmist powers and have sent literally hundreds to her for in person or on the phone readings.

Here's what I can attest: Helen is all heart, never threatening. In addition, she is the real deal, she KNOWS and heals you, like no other psychic I know. Everyone who works with her comes away enlivened and with a new vision of themselves and those about them. I should add that she has saved me from some hairy situations with her ability to heal, her humor and ability to see others around me, all done with such sweet intimacy. I think Helen embodies love and you will too. Don't miss this chance.

Wendy Orange , author of "Coming Home to Jerusalem"

"Helen is a truly gifted psychic/healer. Her insights were of enormous value, and have literally helped set my life on a new path. Not only was she extremely perceptive, but her
words and visuals were so powerful that she motivated me to "take action," and to move forward.  Now, that is a rare talent."
Nancy Mills, Founder Spirited Woman

Helen has been reading palms for over 40 years. She is a 4th generation palm reader. Her great grandfather taught her mother who in turn taught her. Her readings is always inspirational. There is both a psychic dimension and a spiritual transmission embedded in each reading.

Psychic Telephone Consultations are also available.

You can reach her at (808)-573-6343

or 808 (276-4859)

Please e-mail me if you enjoyed the video or radio and would like some more  lessons on  Palmistry  haikuhelen@gmail,com


Great Grandfather
Yechiel Wellikoff








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